Top Ten Most Ridiculous Lawsuits of 2014


We wanted to make sure all of the results were in and the winners (?) for…

The Top Ten Most Ridiculous Lawsuits of 2014 are:

  1. Plaintiff in Pending Disability Lawsuit Topples Huge, Historic Boulder  – A not-too-swift back injury claimant was videotaped pushing a boulder at a park. (Now had the unsecured boulder in a public park rolled over on top of him, he might have a lawsuit again.)
  2. Little League Coach Sues Player Over Celebratory Helmet Toss – A Little Leaguer tosses his helmet in the air in a celebratory move and is being sued by his coach for an alleged torn Achilles heel. (To boot, on a Fox News interview – he stated that his lawyer was suing for $20,000, when in actuality the suit is for $500,000.)
  3. NY Man Sues for More Money Than Exists on Planet Earth – A Manhattan man has sued the city, NYC Transit, Au Bon Pain Store, two local hospitals, Kmart” and a dog owner – for two undecillion dollars. FTR, an undecliion dollars is a 2 followed by 36 zeros. (No, he is not a GAO employee.)
  4. Rescuers Sued By Man They Pulled From Floodwaters –  A man trapped in his car in flood waters is suing his rescuers for $500,000 for not saving him quickly enough.  (You know, Mr., Ortiz, they did have an option to ignore you altogether…)
  5. CA Town Victimized by Plaintiffs’ Attorney Who Has Filed More Than 3,000 Lawsuits – Scott Johnson, the Carmichael lawyer behind the Manteca, CA ADA (American with Disabilities Act) lawsuits, has filed more than 3,000 such lawsuits.  (I doubt there are 3,000 people in Manteca, CA – and I hardly believe they are all disabled.)
  6. NYC Woman Spooked by “Dexter” Ad Sues MTA, Showtime for Subway Fall – A NYC woman is suing because a poster of TV’s “Dexter” – to clarify – a fictional tv series character – startled and menaced her, causing her to trip and fall.  (Imagine if she met a real-time murderer. Now there her estate would have a lawsuit!)
  7. Baseball Fan Caught Sleeping on Camera, Sues ESPN for $10 million – He was filmed at a public sporting event sleeping away. (The snore captured ’round the world. The Jumbo screen is apparently the Dumbo screen.)
  8. Minimum Wage for Court-Ordered Community Service? – Two criminals ordered to perform community service (via an ACD – Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal) rather than jail time believe they should be paid for their “work”.  (I suggest hard labor next time.)
  9. Jimmy John’s Lawsuit “Sprouts” Hefty Payday for Lawyers – Vouchers for Victims – California woman sues Jimmy John’s for not having alfalfa sprouts in their sandwiches as advertised.  (How many times did she order the same sandwich and not open up her mouth and ask for them??)
  10. Woman Sues Disney for $250M, Claims “Frozen” Stolen From Her Life’s Story – A woman is suing Disney for $250m for Frozen a story she alleges is taken from her novel, Yearnings of the Heart, the resemblance being a cold setting.  (That Frozen has more in common with Hans Christian Andersen, The Snow Queen, doesn’t interest her.)

If anyone were going to sue in 2015, it should be for that bad call at the end of the SeaHawks/Patriots game yesterday.

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