Tech Tips: Connect Your Files and Devices Wirelessly, Easily and For Free.



As more and more Internet-connected devices find themselves scattered around your office or home, it’s time to compile a list of useful apps created just to connect or sync these devices.   We’ve performed that compilation task for you with the below suggestions:


Dropbox has emerged as the file compilation go-to app.   It’s even better than Apple’ s online file hosting system, iDisk in terms of easy of use and storage capability.  Upload your files, invite people



We use a product called Reflector to connect our computers and iPads to a big screen TV wirelessly in our conference room.    Reflector has the functionality of an alpha product (fully operational but not the final product which will then include many tweaked features) and we are able to bring up a browse and navigate to a website to watch it on the big screen in HD.

Camera A

Camera A is a photo app for the iPad that when used with an iPhone app called Camera B, it connects your iPad and iPhone together by bluetooth or wifi and allows you to take photos.

Camera A  re-defines boundaries for what the iPad is, as the iPad doesn’t actually have a camera.


Vuze is a P2P client that enables you to find TV shows and movies available on the Internet. But its usefulness as a web app also extends to streaming content from your computer to a variety of devices: iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV, PS3, Xbox 360, PSP, and TiVo.



All your people from across your social networks, email accounts, and phone contacts in one place on a map of the world.

We hope the above apps make your world an easier place to live in.

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As always, stay safe.