Leaving Money Behind? Check With Your State’s Unclaimed Funds Department

NYS Unclaimed Funds

(For the purposes of this article, we are referencing the process of collecting unclaimed funds only with the office of the New York State Comptroller. Each state has such a department; simply query “uncollected funds <enter your state>”)

In New York State alone, as of today’s date, May 27, 2022, the State is holding $7 billion dollars in unclaimed funds for individuals and businesses. The official NYS Office of the Comptroller site states that, “Every day , New York State returns $1.5 million to those who file claims here”.

One can search for unclaimed funds for:

Deceased Owners/Estates
Multiple Owners
On Behalf of Another Person

To make it easier for our readers to search for their own potential unclaimed funds, below are direct links (for individuals) and information on how to collect these funds.

Claims for Individuals

You can submit claims for individuals online or by mail.


Enter your name in the Search for Individual box on our Search for Lost Money page.

Submit Your Claim


  • Select the item you wish to claim from the search results.
  • Follow the step-by-step directions and prompts that appear onscreen after your Search.
  • Based on your answers and the information we have on file, we’ll let you know if your claim was successful or not.

By Mail

If you can’t submit your claim online – or choose not to – follow these steps:

  • Complete the information requested on the “Mail Claim Form” page that appears after you select a name from the search results or select the “Mail Claim Form” link.
  • Enter your full name and current address to generate a claim form.
  • Print the form.
  • Sign the form and have your signature notarized by a licensed notary public.
  • Attach the Required Documentation.
  • Mail to:
    Office of the State Comptroller
    Office of Unclaimed Funds
    110 State Street
    Albany, New York 12236

When you get your check, please cash it as soon as possible. You have until December 31 of the following calendar year to cash it. For example, a check issued on March 1, 2014, may be cashed until December 31, 2015. If you don’t cash your check, it will be reported as unclaimed funds and you’ll have to file a new claim.

Important Note: There are many third-party companies out there – with very convincing government agency mirror sites – that will conduct searches for uncollected funds for you, and several will even process the funds claims- for a fee and or in trade for your personal data. Don’t. 1. The process is very simple – and free – for you to search and claim your own money, and 2. I believe we’ve all had enough of sharing our personal identificantion information with unnecessary parties.

BNI Operatives: Situationally aware.

As always, stay safe.

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