Microsoft’s Woke Auto Correct

Microsoft has added a new auto correct feature to its word software that functions as an “inclusiveness checker.”

Microsoft has incorporated a feature that looks through a user’s work and determines whether the words used may offend someone. It suggests “politically correct” alternatives to benign language that allegedly offends people in the world. The feature displays a purple line beneath potentially trigger words or phrases. Fortunately, it can be switched on and off in word’s settings.

Neil Armstrong’s famous quote, upon becoming the first person in the world to step on the moon, is that he took, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. Now, according to Microsoft’s woke word suggestion, Armstrong took a giant leap forward for “humankind” or “humanity”. These perhaps seemingly innocuous changes are a) unnecessary as current formal and colloquial language is not inherently offensive and already allows for uniform communication and, b) these “suggestions” are overreaching impositions – as if, somehow, we cannot phrase words correctly and must be in line with subjectively selected politically correct terminology.

Microsoft Word has traditionally offered tools for spelling, punctuation and grammar, an editing feature that we have come to love, and expect to help us out. No additives are necessary. Let the individual think and express themselves without WokeWord interference. We can mind our own Ps and Qs and every other letter of the alphabet and the words they form.

BNI Operatives; situationally aware.

As always, stay safe.

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