Companies Not Licensed or Appointed By Structured Settlement Annuity Issuers

May 16, 2021

(This week’s Beacon Bulletin article is reprinted with permission from its author, John Darer, President of, with whom we’ve worked with extensively in uncovering many underlying issues with numerous structured settlement resells.)

Baker’s Dozen of Companies Not Licensed or Appointed By Structured Settlement Annuity Issuers Who Can’t Set Up A Structured Settlement For You:

  1. JG Wentworth
  2. Peachtree Settlement Funding 
  3. Black Square Financial
  4. Rising Capital
  5. Annuity Transfers
  6. CBC Settlement Funding
  7. Pitchberg Funding
  8. Novation Settlement Solutions
  9. 123 Lump Sum/ Structured Settlement Capital
  10. Genex Capital
  11. Client First Funding
  12. Stone Street Capital
  13. Rightway Funding

Websites To Avoid if Looking to Set Up a Structured Settlement

  • A shill site for CBC Settlement Funding, Fairfield Funding and others. What is represented as fact checked is often inaccurate. Credibility hobbled by poor research and lack of willingness to improve.
  • A shill site for cash now pusher CBC Settlement Funding (and it is believed others) that proves that a lead generators buying an expensive keyword focused domain does not assure reliability for consumers. A glaring example of the website’s ongoing incompetence:

“Temporary life annuities provide payments for your entire life but no money for beneficiaries when you die”. Actually a temporary life annuity (“temp life annuity”) pays for a fixed term, only if the measuring life is living. For example a 12 year temporary life annuity would pay a maximum of 12 years, if the measuring life is living. A life annuity not preceded by the word temporary , or a period certain and life annuity, would pay for the entire life of the measuring life.

  • names names for SEO purposes but provides little to no useful information if you’re looking to establish a structured settlement.
  • Site associated with Genex Capital of Vancouver and a Dover Delaware UPS store mailbox. Contains grossly outdated information about insurer ratings that have not been updated since 2012. The site still posts 2009 ratings from Standard & Poors.
  • Churns out repetitive nonsense to generate leads for an as yet unknown factoring company.

BNI Operatives: Situationally aware.

As always, stay safe

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